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Company background

Laser Cut and Engrave Co. HK was founded in 2008 by Engineer KY Yu, whose experience included traditional machining together with over twenty years of work with electronic appliance. At that time, KY saw that most traditional shops in advertising field didn't have adequate volume in the type of work which requires laser processing to justify purchasing a laser-based machining center. However, he reasoned that if he acquired a laser machine and dedicated his company solely to that type of work, it would be economically viable. That approach proved successful. Today, the company still does not utilize traditional machining or attempt to compete with machine shops or sheet-metal houses by offering services such as machining or forming.

After initial success with laser processing, we soon realized that he could further extend the company's capabilities by adding a varies type of machines to cut a wider variety of materials, such as rubber, foam, and engrave on metals. After adding this capability, the company was rechristened Advanced Laser Cutting and engraving. After all, We are eligible for providing speedy and  high quality laser cut or engraving works for overseas country at a low price.

On the other hand, we have start to provide DIY service for local students and handicraft lovers, rent the machines on a hourly basis(http://lasercudiy.com.hk/). Over time, the company has continued to seek out specialized, precision technologies to expand its portfolio of services. Now, our business is expanded to globe market with a competitive price.